Offshoring model

We provide resourcing support in the following areas -

  •  Financial and Marketing Analytics
  •  Business Research and Data collection
  •  Content Writing / Technical writing and Editing
  •  Inside Sales and Online Marketing
  •  Tax and auditing

In this model, we work with our clients more like a "specialized department" where we involve high level analysts, content writers & editors, researchers and sales & marketing professionals, who work with clients over a period of time depending upon their requirements. Many of our team members are based in India and therefore our engagement models are cost efficient as well.

We recruit highly experienced statisticians, economist, MBAs, CFAs, inside sales professionals, copy editors from the top institutes in India who are dedicated to each client or partner. These incumbents serve as integrated and extended members of the client team and work day-to-day under its supervision. We assure quality control and provide all types of technical and non-technical support. We encourage our clients to take part in the hiring process as well if they are willing.

Call us to discuss how the engagement process works and how we can minimize your risk while offering the best talent available for a given project.

Game Changing Technologies

Resource Outsourcing

Finding the right level of expertise, cost effectiveness and around the clock support for your business needs is definitely a rare combination. Our engagement on dedicated resourcing may help you get internationally accepted, skilled and highly experienced professionals at a cost up to 60% less than your budget. Additionally, it keeps you away from the burden of hiring, retaining & firing as well.