Engagement Model

We work with our clients and partners through a number of custom engagement models to meet the specific, unique needs of each:

Custom Projects:

We work with our clients and partners on high-impact projects focused on delivering custom analytical models and actionable business insights. We work closely with our clients and take full accountability for the project deliverables. For projects that require consistent updating of the predictive models, we have found Software as a Service (SaaS) model is a good way to integrate analytical solutions in the client work environment.

Dedicated Analysts:

We provide analysts who are dedicated to each client or partner. These analysts serve as integrated, extended members of the client team. They work day to day under the supervision of the client. We provide quality control and compliance. These analysts have graduate degrees in Business, Finance, Statistics, and Technology

Service Bureau:

We offer our analytical services on a per-research or per-analysis basis wherein the service is provided on a subscription-like service and we provide regular weekly/monthly reports and analytics as per your custom requirements.

Generally our clients suggest which engagement model fits their current needs. We discuss pros and cons of alternatives and select the one that best fits them.

Game Changing Technologies

Principal Component Analysis

To uncover the hidden trends in data involving many correlated variables it is best to first use an exploratory tool like Principal Component Analysis to summarize the data and resolve it into a smaller set of uncorrelated components before proceeding to use it for prediction, classification or other purposes.