We bring the science and utility of simple segment analysis to sophisticated mathematical models to help you reduce your costs, predict the behavior of your consumers, improve the pricing of your products, and overall improve the profitability of your operations.

We bring a strong talent and expertise base of Masters and PhDs, and experts from academia to solve your toughest problems and provide you with actionable insights. We bring a cross-disciplinary perspective by leveraging the expertise and experience of MBAs, CFAs, statisticians and IT experts from some of the top firms and institutions including Harvard, Microsoft, and McKinsey.

Our client projects have included Predictive Modeling, Large Data Analysis, SAS Programming, Patten Recognition and Neural Networks as well as providing on-site support for data integration and warehousing. Our team has experience with all major statistical analysis platforms including SAS, SPSS, and R. Our developers write custom programs if the existing platforms do not provide the efficiency or customization needed to carry out client projects or integrate predictive solutions in your current work environment. Proprietary databases and external databases are often used to create the analytical models and reporting dashboards.

Game Changing Technologies

Artificial Neural Network

Intriguing human nature has always been fascinated by the complexity and workings of a human brain.Scientists and statisticians have now taken this challenge to a new level.Today artificial neural networks are used by buisnesses to predict future events,classify factors that impact business outcome;they are used to find patterns in customer data and their buying behaviour.You may want to see this technology's applicability in your business!