Health Care

Our health care practice specializes in two broad areas of health care analytics - pharmaceutical marketing and competitive intelligence and employer-based health programs and wellness analytics.

Innovative analytics for pharmaceutical companies

Our solutions in this space is comprehensive and ranges from analytics that support promotion and adoption of prescription drugs by a larger groups of providers to measuring the effectiveness of sales force and creating databases that provide competitive intelligence in the prescription drug marketplace.

Given the extremely competitive nature of brand name pharmaceuticals, we provide fine tuned market segment information based on a given class of prescription drugs. The analytics goes beyond the patient, geography, provider profile segmentation, and benchmark analysis. It takes into consideration information available in the "new media" such as health information sites, blogs, tweets, opinions, and discussion boards information that reflects consumer acceptance and issues with existing and new pharmaceutical drugs.

For manufacturers of over-the-counter products, a full retail analytics suite is available to identify and cross-sell to existing customers based on historical patterns. Separately, you will gain insights into the effectiveness of traditional marketing dollars vs. the internet-based sales promotions. We have found some advanced statistical techniques and decision trees to be great analytical tools in pharmaceutical analytics.

Wellness Tools and Analytics for Employers

While most companies understand the common sense of finding insights from their data, few actually take concrete steps to convert them into profits. We bring you industry expertise and our experience in analyzing national health utilization data and its geographical and demographic variation to help you think differently about your health care plans. You will be surprised to learn what some of your competitors are doing in this area.

Some innovative and quick turn-around analytics can help employers better understand their health care cost and improve health of their employees - thus contain the health care cost. We provide pre-constructed analytics algorithms that can be applied to your existing health care utilization data to understand the following questions.

  • What are the drivers of health care cost? Is it the higher utilization, new medical technologies, lack of prevention care, or just the inflation in medical services driving the cost? Do I want to pass on the cost of care to employees? Is there a better way to design the plan that provides incentives to employees while reducing the overall cost and improve health?
  • What 20% of conditions and utilization patterns are costing me 80% of the cost? How the utilization and cost patterns have changed in the last three years?
  • Will some preventive, diagnostic, and medical compliance strategies by employees make a difference in health care cost next year? Can I provide online tools to my employees that will help them monitor their health behavior and impact their health positively?
  • Have I compared the cost of my company’s health care cost with similar size organizations and how do I stack against them?
Game Changing Technologies

Logistic Regression

If you want to predict the odds in favour or against a patient having a cardiac arrest based on a set of predictors, Logistic Regerssion is a good tool to use. A multinomial version of this tool can help to predict the type of health services likely to be utilized by a patient when the choice of services is more than two.