How Will You Benefit

Our industry vertical experts will help you ask deeper questions and think through your objectives in advanced analytics and predictive modeling efforts. This will help you focus your efforts and bring high ROI.

We offer our clients full range of analytic technologies. Whether you are at the data management & data integration stage getting ready to create a better reporting system or you already have a sophisticated analytics practice in your operations and trying to create real time predictive and scoring models that will differentiate you in achieving your business objectives.

AnalyticsPlus is technology agnostic. We specialize in understanding the business problem and coming up with a data-driven solution by applying appropriate statistical and machine learning algorithms to achieve the business objectives. Whether you have Microsoft technologies, Business Objects, Cognos or high-end analytics focused platforms like SAS or SPSS, we can bring the necessary expertise to develop solutions in your work environment.

Our clients tell us that even in the initial conversation they had learned something useful in the area of advanced analytics and predictive modeling. In summary, we help you provide expertise, experience, and techniques that have thus far been deployed only by the biggest of the corporations.

Game Changing Technologies

Decision Tree

When faced with choices involving high cost and risk, a decision making tool like the Decision Tree proves to be very useful because it uses an inductive inference based approach to combine all uncertainties, payoffs and risks to compare between competing alternatives to come up with the best answer.