What We Do

Our data analysis services provide actionable insights for people at different levels of your organization. Our goal is to support out our clients where they believe data driven decisions could help them. We provide the analytical tools, models, and insights by analyzing and studying your data and providing you with deeper understanding of your customers and operations that allow you to improve your profits and differentiate against competitors.

As examples, for debt buyers and collection companies, we improve their collections yield while for medical payers we help them identify areas of medical fraud and abuse and cost containment. We help insurance companies better estimate their reserve requirements or help claims processing departments by creating systems that triage incoming claims to appropriate adjusters and case managers with significant cost savings.

We work in close partnership with the Business and IT departments to define specific, actionable insights to reduce areas for cost savings, recoup lost revenue opportunities, and screen profitable consumer product-markets.

Our Analytics cover a range of disciplines from financial and business analytics to consumer competitive and channel analytics. We accomplish these goals by applying the cutting edge tools of business intelligence, statistical analysis, and data mining.

How can we apply science to increase your profits?. Contact us to start the conversation.

Game Changing Technologies

Data Analysis

If you can't measure it, you can't improve it-so goes the saying. Our focus with clients is to help them discem what to measure and how those measures will lead to targeted action.